International Edifying Christ Ministry
Saturday, October 24, 2020
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   BUSH: Bringing the Unreached  Scriptural Help.



The BUSH book contains basic doctrines of the Word of God that every believer should know.

 We have been teaching and distributing these doctrines in different countries and languages.

We are receiving testimonies of how these teachings are impacting and changing lives as

believers are discipled in the Word of God.

The Bush book is used to train, equip and exhort the called of God. These books are distributed in

the foreign counties at no cost to the natives.   





BUSH Printed and Distributed in Mongolia


Above all we ask that you pray for this ministry.

We covet your prayers as we work to Bring the Unreached Scriptural Help.

 If you have been stirred to become more involved in the task of distributing these books and aiding in the growth of believers through a financial contribution we welcome donations of any amount made payable to :

International Edifying Christ Ministries

1145 Blade Loop

Jena, LA 71342

The BUSH book is also available in English. The BUSH book is a great help for study groups, Sunday schools or your own personal study. If you are interested in the basic doctrines of the Word of God that every believer should know please contact us at for a copy of this book.